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Nanoimprint process development on flexible substrate for electronic and optical applications

Engineering sciences Materials and applications


This subject aims to develop specific nanoimprint processes for various materials and to apply them to the realization of various components on plastic film. Several themes will be addressed through different materials, on the substrate itself or on a more or less thin layer deposited on a flexible plastic film. An incomplete list of these materials is presented below. They correspond to various potential applications. In the field of electronics, printing processes of dielectric materials will be studied. Particular substrates are also pressed for the creation of OTFT. In the field of optics, the structuring of several conducting polymers with special optical properties is considered for various applications. Some of these polymers belong to the family of PEDOT used also in the field of photovoltaics. The multilayer structure of polymers will be explored for the realization of 3D structures.
Finally, the ability to print polymer films loaded nanoparticles will also analyzed.


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