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Nonlinear ultrasonic testing for the assessment of adhesive bonding properties

Engineering sciences Instrumentation Materials and applications


The CEA-LIST carries out Non Destructive Testing (NDT) projects in partnership with various industrial sectors. A strong collaboration with Airbus Group Innovations (AGI) had led to a common entity through the NDT laboratory for Aeronautics Applications (LC2A).
With the increasing portion of composite materials in the aerospace industry, assessment of the adhesive bonding properties of such composite structures is a key issue. Various aspects could decrease the quality of bonding, such as the surface contamination, non-optimal thermal cycle or external mechanical stresses. However, conventional NDT techniques are often not sensible to such damages in the adhesive bonds.
Non-linear ultrasonic methods such as wave mixing, harmonic generation or non- linear imaging appear as promising techniques to detect kissing bonds and pre-damaging that could occur in adhesive bonds. The objective of this postdoc position is to develop NDT innovative solutions for the assessment of the adhesion quality by means of experimental techniques based on such non-linear methods.
This post-doc position will be carried out in the framework of an international research program on the adhesion bonding. The candidate will work in the NDE laboratory for Aeronautics Applications located in Toulouse. Strong skills in experimental physics, instrumentation, and non-linear ultrasonics would be appreciated.


Département Imagerie Simulation pour le Contrôle (LIST)
Laboratoire CND pour les Applications Aéronautiques
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