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Optimization of energy transition scenarios through a dynamic Life Cycle Assessment approach

Earth and environmental sciences Environment and pollution


The modelling of the energy transition, with a projection until 2050 and adaptable to different countries or strategies, is complex in terms of LCA because it involves many parameters:
- a dozen possible energies, with evolutionary inventories of construction of electricity generation/storage infrastructure
- a difficulty to estimate the future of technologies for a given sector
- electricity generation in connexion with national consumption
- very contrasting scenarios, including more or less rapid increases in renewables and a decrease in nuclear power, offset or not by gas-fired combined cycle power plants
- a need to provide for several forms of electricity storage depending on the size of the unmanageable energy stock, with power levels depending on the storage time
- the correlation or not of storage power with the level of interconnection of European electricity networks.
The work will consist of analysing the inventories available in the Ecoinvent database linked to Simapro, modifying them according to the foreseeable technologies for the medium term, continuing modelling in Python language to include all the parameters.
The objective is to determine the best possible environmental trajectories for the French energy transition.


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