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Optimization of Li metal/electrolyte for the next generation of all-solid-state battery

Condensed matter physics, chemistry & nanosciences Electrochemical energy storage incl. batteries for energy transition Physical chemistry and electrochemistry Technological challenges


CEA Tech Nouvelle-Aquitaine, created in 2013, set up a new laboratory, since more than two years, focused on both the development of materials and the high throughput screening to accelerate the discovery of materials for the next generations of Li-ion batteries. For that, the CEA Tech Nouvelle-Aquitaine acquires different vacuum deposition equipment (sputtering, evaporation, atomic layer deposition) integrated in glovebox and different automated characterization techniques (SEM-EDX, profilometer, XRD, LIBS and confocal microscope later).
The Li metal/electrolyte interface constitutes one of the main challenges to overcome for the next generation of all-solid-state battery. The reactions of decompositions at the interface associated to uneven plating/stripping of Li ions lead to quick cell failure. One of the avenue for stabilizing it is to use a protective layer, which must feature numerous physical-chemical properties. In this context, this internal CEA project aims at setting up a combinatorial synthesis methodology associated to high throughput characterizations in order to accelerate the discovery of new protective layers at the Li metal/electrolyte interface.
We are seeking for an outstanding applicant who will be in charge of setting up the whole methodology, from the synthesis to the physical-chemical-electrochemical characterizations of the materials. She/he will have at her disposal a new state-of-the-art infrastructures. She/he will collaborate with other CEA labs located at LITEN (Grenoble, France).


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