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Outgassing studies for advanced lithography

Electronics and microelectronics - Optoelectronics Engineering sciences


This work address a "post doc" person. The frame work of this subject is a advanced lithography multifaisceaux Ebeam development project. Within this project framework, an multiEbeam tool is developed in a international partnership context.
Strong contamination constraints of the projection optic are identified due to resists outgassing during theirs activations by electronic expositions. Layers contamination due to resists outgassing will be studied. The candidate will be in charge to carry out outgassing studies on various resist samples in support to the existing team and using Leti outgassing studies tool and characterization tools available on Leti (BEM, XPS, interferometer,...).
Candidate will implement methodologies already developed in Leti (pumping speed, outgassed elements identification,...) and will make contribution to improvement all of these methods. It will also supervise realization of objects useful for outgassing studies(Ebeam projection optics simulator) which will be carried on Leti. The candidate will carry out electron beam characterization on the outgassing tool and could be force of proposal for improvement. He will also take charges characterization of contaminants layers. The candidate will evolved in advanced lithography context and will be in close collaboration with international teams. English is needed.


Département des Plateformes Technologiques (LETI)
Service des procédés de Patterning
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