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Real time low cost algorithms for brain computer interface with multiple degrees of freedom

Computer science and software Engineering sciences Mathematics - Numerical analysis - Simulation


The topic of the postdoctoral project is the optimization of BCI methods and algorithms for medical application in humans (quadriplegic subjects).
Namely the particular goal of the postdoctoral fellow will be optimization and the acceleration of calculation to allow multiple degrees of freedom (up to 26) in real time. Selecting the appropriate features subset will improve the computational efficiency and the quality of control. To this purpose the algorithms of sparse modeling will be applied.
To map ECoG recordings to the spatial-temporal-frequency space, continuous wavelet transform (CWT) is applied. Optimization will include the implementation of low cost CWT and C++ coding.
The project will include the test and the adaptation of BCI algorithms to wireless signal transmission with the implant WIMAGINE.
Finally the adaptation of algorithms to medical environment of quadriplegic subjects (the use of imaginary tasks, presence of stimuli in the signal, the restricted duration of experiments) will be under responsibility of postdoctoral scientist.


Clinatec (LETI)
Clinatec (LETI)
Clinatec (LETI)
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