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Robotics Moonshot : digital twin of a laser cutting process and implementation with a self-learning robot

Automatics, Remote handling Computer science and software Engineering sciences


One of the main challenges in the deployment of robotics in industry is to offer smart robots, capable of understanding the context in which they operate and easily programmable without advanced skills in robotics and computer science. In order to enable a non-expert operator to define tasks subsequently carried out by a robot, the CEA is developing various tools: intuitive programming interface, learning by demonstration, skill-based programming, interface with interactive simulation, etc.
Winner of the "moonshot" call for projects from the CEA's Digital Missions, the "Self-learning robot" project proposes to bring very significant breakthroughs for the robotics of the future in connection with simulation. A demonstrator integrating these technological bricks is expected on several use cases in different CEA centers.
This post-doc offer concerns the implementation of the CEA/DES (Energy Department) demonstrator on the use case of laser cutting under constraints for A&D at the Simulation and Dismantling Techniques Laboratory (LSTD) at the CEA Marcoule.


Département de recherche sur les technologies pour l’enrichissement, le démantèlement et les déchets
Service d’études des technologies pour l’assainissement - démantèlement et l’étanchéité
Laboratoire de la Simulation et des Techniques de Démantèlement
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