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Seismic behavior of an overhead crane

Engineering sciences Mechanics, energetics, process engineering


Overhead cranes are part of the equipment in industrial installations to which special attention must be paid. They are generally located in the upper part of buildings and are potentially subject to significant levels of acceleration in the event of an earthquake, due to the amplification induced by the supporting structure. Consequently, they are potentially subjected to significant forces and can be the source of significant forces on the supporting structure. This study is a continuation of two previous test campaigns carried out on the Azalée shaking table of the EMSI laboratory, on a mock-up of an overhead crane. It aims to provide validated numerical models of this kind of equipment. Two lines of research are considered. The first axis aims to complement the “historical” test campaigns with static tests to justify the adjustment of the numerical models. The second axis consists of exploiting, by comparison tests/calculations, all of the tests that were carried out as part of a previous test campaign for statistical analysis purposes.


Département de Modélisation des Systèmes et Structures
Service d’Etudes Mécaniques et Thermiques
Laboratoire d’Etudes de Mécanique Sismique
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