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Simulation of the interaction of a high energy pulsed X-ray beam with a scintillator

Engineering sciences Instrumentation Optics - Laser optics - Applied optics


In the context of hydrodynamic experiments, the CEA-DAM uses pulse radiography facilities which generate, in a few tens of nanoseconds, a very high dose of energetic X-ray photons, up to 20 MeV. After crossing the studied object, the X photons interact with a detector, composed of a scintillator crystal converting the X photons into visible photons, which are then detected by a CCD camera. The objective of this post-doctorate is to set up a complete simulation chain of the detector, including the emission of visible photons by the scintillator and their transport by the optical chain to the CCD camera. Initially, the candidate will have to model the different mechanisms involved in the detection chain and identify the most relevant simulation tools to reproduce them. In a second step, he (she) will be required to compare the simulation results with experimental characterization campaigns, carried out using a pulsed X source. Finally, the candidate will be able to propose, using the chosen simulation chain, possible developments for future detection chains. This work may lead to publications.


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