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Strudy and processing of C/SiC composites

Condensed matter physics, chemistry & nanosciences Ultra-divided matter, Physical sciences for materials


For different applications, we are looking for materials having superior mechanical properties at high temperature (1000 ° C or higher) and that are resistant to oxidation. The family of ceramic matrix composite materials (CMC), especially C / SiC, seems the most relevant to our needs. However, it is necessary to conduct studies to determine the most efficient solutions among the wide variety of fibrous architectures and possible matrix microstructures, while taking into account the constraints related to available processes and targeted geometries. This work will be conducted in collaboration with other CEA laboratories.


Département des Matériaux pour le Nucléaire
Service des Recherches Métallurgiques Appliquées
Laboratoire des Technologies des Matériaux EXtrêmes
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