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Study of cooling solutions for compact electronic systems

Electronics and microelectronics - Optoelectronics Engineering sciences Thermal energy, combustion, flows


3D technologies (i.e. electronic components vertically stacked) constitute an axis of global research, both at the architectural and manufacturing level. The Grenoble area is at the heart of these technological breakthroughs with world first prototypes that make Cea-Leti one of the leaders in these advanced technologies.
One of the critical points of this innovative technology is to control the thermal management in such 3D components regardless of the final application. Nowadays conventional solutions like adding a fan cannot fit all the thermal requirements, and may be of limited effectiveness. More integrated solutions are now unavoidable and can be considered from two points of view: heat can be managed directly at the component-level in silicon chips that make up the 3D-stack, or it can be managed at package level. Ideally, the two approaches should be combined.
The first objective of this study is to achieve an exhaustive state of the art and evaluate the potential of the different solutions for the components developed at Leti. This evaluation will be based on thermal simulations and a critical analysis based on technological feasibility, consumption, efficiency, cost,… and lead to choose the most appropriate solution.
The second part of the work will be dedicated to the implementation of this solution. Relying on experts of silicon and packaging technologies, the candidate will be responsible for contributing to the design of the component (design and implementation) and its characterization.
This position is for a researcher with a strong background in the areas of thermal and microelectronic components. This position requires analysis skills, a large autonomy and unifying skills.


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