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Study of the thermo-mechanical strains in the HEMT AlGaN/GaN on silicon

Electronics and microelectronics - Optoelectronics Engineering sciences


Fabricating the HEMT AlGaN/GaN device is complex and leads to the formation of crystalline defects. These strains, in the GaN layer, leads to crackings in the GaN layer or leads to a delamination at the top interface. Moreover, these mechanical strains conjugated to thermal strains during device working, can lead to a degradation of the electrical performance of the device.
This heterogeneous assembly, involve a complex behaviour. The various materials used, react differently to the thermal-mechanical strains. The requested work is to study and to model the distortion of this structure, in order to evaluate the strains effects on the electrical performance on lateral and vertical devices.


Département Composants Silicium (LETI)
Service Intégrations et Technologies pour les conversions d'énergies
Laboratoire des composants de Puissance à Semiconducteur
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