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Characterization methods for LMJ’s layered cryogenic targets

Engineering sciences Mathematics - Numerical analysis - Simulation Metrology


Inertial Fusion on the Laser Megajoule facilty requires to form a spherical DT layer at cryogenic temperature. A major topic of interest for fusion experiments is the characterization of the layer quality and thickness. The characterization will be done using two technics : optical shadowgraphy and X-ray phase contrast analysis. A cryostat developed by CEA is already available to work on future target designs and layer characterization.
The objectives of the PhD are to understand and model (theorically and numerically) the physics of the layer observation and to develop the characterization test bench in the cryostat’s environment and the image analysis for the 3D description of the layer.
The student will have to learn to use the cryostat, its command system and its simple actual characterization system. After a bibliography research, he will have to study the physics governing the characterization (multiple reflections, refractions, phase contrast, …) and develop the acquisition and image analysis system allowing the 3D description of the layer using images obtained during experiments with the cryostat. Lastly, the coupling between the command of the cryostat and the characterization will be developed. For all these developments, the student will have access to extensive bibliographical data and the expertise of the host team


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