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High yield strength austenitic stainless steels for nuclear applications: numerical design and experimental study

Engineering sciences Green and decarbonated energy incl. bioprocesses and waste valorization Materials and applications Technological challenges


The PhD thesis is part of a project that aims at designing new austenitic stainless steels grades for nuclear applications, which are specifically suitable to in-service conditions encountered by the components and to the manufacturing process. More precisely, the subject deals with bolt steels achieved by controlled nitriding of powders which are then densified by hot isostatic pressing. Indeed, current bolt steel grades may suffer from stress corrosion cracking, while nitriding allows to increase the chromium content, which is beneficial from that point of view.
The study will start by the definition of specifications and associated criteria, then CALPHAD calculations in the Fe-Cr-Ni-Mo-X-N-C system will be done to define promising compositions. Then, selected compositions will be supplied as powders. The behaviour of powders during nitriding will be studied and modelled. Samples will be nitrided, densified and heat treated. One grade will be then selected and fully characterised: mechanical properties and deformation mechanisms, corrosion behaviour. One important objective is to demonstrate the advantages of the new grade compared to the industrial solution.


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