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Thermally activated glide of screw dislocations in bcc metals

Condensed matter physics, chemistry & nanosciences Mesoscopic physics Solid state physics, surfaces and interfaces


Thermally activated glide of dislocation is a key point for understanding the plastic deformation of metals. The screw dislocation in bcc metals is an archetypical case for which a large quantity of experimental data has been published in the scientific literature. It is then possible to compare these data to the theoretical predictions realized from the Vineyard statistical theory [1,2]. Such a theory is an essential tool allowing to perform a scale transition from atomistic computations toward macroscopic scale at which are realized the deformation tests.
The aim of our research will be to test Vineyard theory in comparison with molecular dynamics simulations [3]. Some preliminary computations have shown a significant discrepancy that is not present when we repeat the comparison for point-like defect as vacancies or self-interstitial atoms.

[1] Vineyard G.H., J. Phys. Chem. Solids 3, 121 (1957).
[2] Proville L., Rodney D., Marinica M-C., Nature Mater. 11, 845 (2012).
[3] Proville L., Choudhury A., Nature Mater. TO BE PUBLISHED.


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