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Signature of an educational partnership agreement between EDF Group R&D division and INSTN

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On May 23rd, 2018, INSTN and EDF Group’s R&D Division, with its ITECH Training Institute, signed an educational partnership agreement for training projects in neutron physics.

The nuclear sector through the National Institute for Nuclear Science and Technology (Institut National des Sciences et Techniques Nucléaires - INSTN) and EDF Group R&D with its training institute, ITECH (Institut de Transfert des Technologies), each offer separate training courses in the nuclear field.

INSTN and EDF Lab Paris-Saclay have set up this partnership agreement to allow their internal and external customers to benefit from training courses with high added value, based on the high-level scientific competences of their researchers and experts. It will define the procedures for developing and delivering a joint training offer in the field of neutron physics.

This agreement is also part of the development of partnerships and collaboration promoted by the Saclay plateau.

The training catalogues of both Institutes will promote this joint offer. The educational content will comprise three complementary modules.

• A first four-day module entitled "Neutronics of nuclear reactors: Phenomenology".

• A second three-day module on Reactor Core Physics and Neutron Computing

• A third two-day module devoted to PWR Reactor Physics Theory

Jean Paul Chabard, EDF’s Scientific Director of R&D division and Philippe Corréa, Director of INSTN, signed the educational partnership agreement on May 23rd 2018.




Published on May 24th, 2018


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