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A Mooc to discover the challenges of energy transition

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With COP26 under way, INSTN and the CEA are offering an online training course - the MOOC ‘Energy Systems: low carbon objective’ - that will help in understanding the challenges of the energy transition in its climate, geopolitical and techno-economic dimensions, and allow learners to take part in the public debate on the subject.

What energies will we need tomorrow? What is the place of oil, gas, nuclear and renewable energies in the energy mix? How can we build a low carbon energy system? How can we reconcile these constraints with ambitious climate objectives? These are the questions that professionals in the energy sector must answer.

The ‘Energy Systems: low carbon objective’ training course is 3 hours long and has 6 modules:
• Introduction to energy
• Current energy context
• Global warming
• Geopolitics of the energy transition
• Stakeholders and governance
• An integrated approach
On the programme: videos, animations and quizzes, with a range of experts from the CEA.
This first part lays the foundations for the general context of the energy transition. Parts 2 - ‘The vectors of low carbon energies: electricity, hydrogen, etc.’- and 3 -‘Energy efficiency’ - are planned for 2022.

The course has been available online, on the Instart Learning Experience (in French) platform, since the 20th of September.

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