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Evoc, the first multimodal teaching platform for the nuclear industry presented at WNE

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Developped in collaboration with the CEA, EVOC (Enhanced Virtual Open Core) is a multimodal teaching platform serving the skills of the nuclear industry.

The EVOC multimodal platform enables the INSTN to offer full-scale immersive training. Thanks to realistic multi-physics simulation, starting in the last quarter of 2018, trainees and students will be able to carry out unprecedented practical work. EVOC is based on a training reactor and on an initial experimental pool-type reactor, where the pedagogy of teaching physical phenomena is preserved. Thus, learners can practice in groups or individually on training courses combining real and virtual resources as close as possible to the physical phenomena of reactor operation.
A world first in terms of augmented virtual reality (AVR), this innovative and unique teaching tool is intended for students and operators in the nuclear industry. Thus, it makes it possible to carry out dematerialised training and to free oneself from the constraints of a reactor in operation, in particular its availability and physical accessibility.

The EVOC project was supported by INSTN Foundation. EVOC has been presented during the World Nuclear Exhibition (WNE) on june the 26th, 27th and 28th.

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