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Bruno Lancia: "The future of the French nuclear industry is at stake."

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Managing Director of the Nuvia Group, President of the INSTN Foundation since the 9th of January, Bruno Lancia gives his vision of the INSTN Foundation. Two concepts stand out: competences and attractiveness.

What inspires you in your new role as President of the INSTN Foundation?

B.L.: It is with great pleasure that I have become President of the INSTN Foundation. When the Director of INSTN came to see me in 2016 with this project, I immediately took to the idea. For me, it's a question of responsibility. If we do not mobilise young people, if we do not maintain our competences at the highest level, we will have more and more difficulties in developing our sector. So, I intend to continue the work that has already been started towards this.

What are the key objectives?

B.L.: The INSTN Foundation focuses its projects and funding on four areas: contributing to the creation of teaching funds, helping to improve student life conditions for those enrolled on INSTN courses, financing the development of educational tools and facilities, and participating in transferring knowledge on energy issues to students and professionals, as well as to the wider public. It is vital that education and training in the nuclear field be innovative and adapted to the digital environment in which young people are immersed, and that competences be maintained at the highest levels. This is INSTN’s role, and the Foundation is there to support it in this process.

Do you have new goals for the INSTN Foundation?

B.L.: Set up by INSTN and three industrial partners (Nuvia, Apave, Assystem), the Foundation has been up and running for more than two years now. It is time to integrate other partners, in order to provide more funding and allow us to expand our goals. Furthermore, the more there are of us, the more our message will spread, and that is the overall goal.

In addition to the missions that we have, another aspect that is important to me is to support the attractiveness of our training for foreign students. It is by spreading French culture, the French nuclear approach and model, that we will contribute to the deployment of nuclear technologies internationally. Once again, it is the future of the nuclear industry that is at stake.

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