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INSTN sets foot in space

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At the request of the Space Industry, INSTN has designed a new training course on the impact of cosmic radiation on embedded electronics in space. A success that will be renewed.

Improving the behaviour of systems exposed to radiation is a key challenge for space projects. "For our client," says Louis-Joseph Bonnaud, who developed this new training course, "it was about training non-specialist engineers. As a result we chose a step-by-step approach, which first covers the basics of ionising radiation in the space environment, moving onto the interaction of radiation with electronics. Finally, we present methods for protecting equipment from radiation by shielding and mitigation."

To develop and deliver this training course, INSTN worked with the CEA's research engineers, in particular from IRFU (Institute of Research into the Fundamental Laws of the Universe), an Institute which has been designing and building research equipment (camera, spectrometer, etc.) embedded into space systems, for several decades.

The training took place in December and was a great success, prompting INSTN to reprogramme this two-day course next November. Going beyond the space industry, it meets the needs of all manufacturers of equipment to spatialise.

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