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Medical Physics training, from research to hospitals

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Medical Physicists are trained, on the Doseo Platform, to optimise the management of radiotherapy treatments

Unique in Europe, Doseo, CEA's radiotherapy and medical imaging technologies platform in Saclay (Paris area), is also used for training purposes, with training programmes run by INSTN. The forty Medical Physicists trained last year were able to make use of the 1000m2 technological platform and to exchange face-to-face with the CEA’s leading experts in the field. "Part of the research carried out at Doseo aims to optimise new radiotherapy technologies while controlling risks," explains Amélie Roué, INSTN Nuclear Applications for Health Programme Manager. "Medical Physicists are among the first people who can make use of and focus on optimisation of these technologies. With the platform, they can quickly acquire the most up-to-date knowledge and put it into practice when they return to their hospitals."

Training programmes last one to two days, and are in line with professional practices. Our catalogue has built on the three courses offered in 2018, and now includes seven courses in 2019, with expansion set to continue in the coming years. Students in initial training of the DQPRM (Radiological and Medical Physics Diploma) also benefit from the advanced equipment located close to our Institute’s premises in the Paris region.

Nuclear applications for health will continue expanding in the coming years because the subject is at the heart of key societal issues. "Radiation therapy, which is increasingly personalised and targeted, is an integral part of this medicine of the future, which is being developed in order to provide better patient care," explains Amélie Roué. Combining training and research at Doseo makes perfect sense.


INSTN training programmes on Doseo


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