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Pressurised Water Reactors (PWRs): training newcomers

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France currently has 58 pressurised water reactors, whose operation and maintenance require a wide range of professionals. There is currently a recruitment drive in the sector as a result of retirements. INSTN has designed a four-part training course for newcomers to the world of PWRs.

The first module ‘Lifecycle of a PWR’ provides an overview of the normal operation of a PWR and the main stages of start-up after fuel loading. It is a requirement for taking the other 3 modules, which are:

  • ‘Systems and Components’, covering reactor architecture
  • ‘Operating Reactor Cores’, providing an overview of managing pressurised water reactor cores according to the technical, economic and safety constraints
  • ‘Deteriorating Conditions’, covering PWR protection and safety systems and the main design basis accidents

From technician to neutron physics engineer, trainees will gain additional competences for their career development from each specific module, and taking all of the modules will provide them with a broad understanding of the subject.

Designed to include sessions from CEA, EDF and Framatome experts, these training modules include practical work on simulators and practical case studies.


Upcoming sessions (in French):

Lifecycle of a PWR: 2-4 April2019

Systems and Components: 4-6 juin 2019

Operating Reactor Cores: 17-19 septembre 2019

Deteriorating Conditions: 3-5 décembre 2019


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