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A week of training on Severe Accidents at INSTN

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Over 100 people attended a one-week course on severe nuclear accidents, organised by INSTN with our Indian partner HBNI and the international network SARNET (Severe Accident Research NETwork of Excellence).

Following a partnership agreement signed between INSTN and HBNI - Homi Bhabha National Institute - the internationally recognised training institute established by the Indian Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), we organised a week of training on severe accidents in nuclear reactors, from the 9th to 14th of September, at Cadarache in the south of France, as part of the European SARNET network.

Participants, including 30 international experts and more than 20 students, from different countries - France, India, Japan, Korea, China, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, Canada, etc. - met to share knowledge on the topics covered and visit the Cadarache Centre’s specialised research facilities (PLINIUS, VERDON). Sixty-five people attended the course and forty people from the DAE participated remotely from Mumbai.

The aim was to transfer over two decades of knowledge on severe accidents, covering different types of reactor technologies, to Masters and PhD students, and young engineers, scientists and researchers who have recently joined the field.

The experts from India provided their expertise on the science, management and simulation of severe accidents in heavy water reactors and on the specific features of this reactor technology.

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