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INSTN on the ICERR Tour 2020 Program

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Representatives from 11 countries had the Opportunity to to visit EVOC, INSTN's multimodal platform for reactor physics training among the Belgian facilities of SCK-CEN and those of CEA.

Within the framework of its program International Centre based on Research Reactors (ICERR), the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) delivers the ICERR label to organizations that grant access to their research reactors, auxiliary facilities and other resources such as research tools. The program's objective is to assist IAEA member states that wish to receive support for developing nuclear capabilities as well as research and development.

Within this framework, CEA grants access to its facilities to agencies and institutes of interested countries through bilateral agreements facilitated by IAEA. The ICERR Tour comprises a series of visits organized with this in mind; it has attracted some 15 international participants (Algeria, India, Jordan, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, South Africa, Thailand and Tunisia), as well as IAEA representatives.

This was an opportunity for INSTN to present the multimodal EVOC platform, a virtual reactor associated with tangible elements, dedicated to teaching and training in nuclear reactor physics. Participants were introduced to the platform's multiple facets, and expressed their enthusiasm for EVOC's complementarity with research reactors in the context of teaching and training.

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