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Partnering with IMT Atlantique to develop the energy training offer

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INSTN and IMT Atlantique, a leading engineering school internationally recognized for its research, share a common vision on energy issues and the societal and technological challenges to be met. The two institutions have decided to combine their talents and build on their complementarity to develop a complete range of higher education courses in the field of energy. The primary objective of the three-year partnership is to promote an integrated approach to energy the addresses both nuclear and renewable energies.

Through this partnership, INSTN and IMT Atlantique intend to pool their expertise and resources to develop and offer a complete range of training programs the address the three cycles of higher education in France, first in the nuclear field, then in the broader field of low-carbon energies.

Various themes have already been identified: nuclear engineering, low-carbon energy systems, social sciences applied to energy, and information and communication sciences and technologies applied to energy.

The strength of this partnership lies in the complementary nature of the two institutions' offerings. Together, INSTN and IMT Atlantique address nearly the entire field of training in the area of low-carbon energy systems, with INSTN providing expertise in specialized and continuing education, while IMT Atlantique focuses more on initial training - a combination certain to encourage synergy.

Read the complete press release (PDF in French)


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