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First contract for support in Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE)

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In September 2020, INSTN's Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE) scheme was launched and in October, a first contract as a certifying body for the Professional Certification of Radiation Protection Technicians (CPTR) has been signed. French employees can benefit this scheme.

The employee enrolled in the VAE scheme, a radiation protection technician, will benefit from the step-to-step system developped by INSTN. First, they will have their file examined by INSTN to verify its admissibility, a process which lasts a maximum of two months. In the event of a favourable opinion, this step will be followed by the validation process of the VAE, with the final objective of passing before a certification jury, set up by INSTN, within 12 months.

This contract confirms a new pathway for obtaining the CPTR certificate, on the basis of acquired experience, in addition to the 'classic' pathway through initial training. In addition, the division of the CPTR into skills blocks enables partial validation of the VAE, and if required, will allow the candidate to acquire one or more blocks of skills of full validation is not possible.

INSTN also offers a two-days support training course, entitled 'Draft your validation file and prepare for your interview with the VAE jury'. The course supports the candidate in drafting their validation file ready meeting the jury.

To find out more about VAE at INSTN, contact and information : vae-instn@cea.fr

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