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Happsy Line, the psychological support system for INSTN students

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In this complex and unprecedented health context, INSTN launched on 18th January 2021 the Happsy Line action for its students.

You are a student and you would like to consult a psychologist, but … 

  • you can't find a place to consult nearby?
  • you can't make an appointment because of a disability or for any other reason?
  • you are still too afraid to meet a psychologist face-to-face?

Happsy Line is made for you!

INSTN offers the possibility of online consultations (via webcam) with an Apsytude psychologist to its INSTN students.

The objective of the Happsy Line is to help you to face the situations of uneasiness that you may be going through and that may prevent you from progressing on a personal and academic level.

You can consult for any type of problem (ill-being, difficulties in adapting to a foreign country, phobias, anxiety attacks, etc.).

Concretely, how is it going?

  • Interviews last 45 minutes and are completely CONFIDENTIAL.
  • They are offered at flexible hours
  • Consultations are carried out via a consultation platform
  • They are entirely offered by the INSTN with the support of the Crous de Versailles and funding from the CVEC.
  • They are intended for all INSTN students

For further information and to make an appointment :

06 27 86 91 83 – rdv.apsytude@gmail.com


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