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e-DEM group issues the dismantling jobs map

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What will the new jobs be and where are the skill shortages today? What’s the best way to train dismantling professionals? These are some of the questions the e-DEM group is asking itself. In 2020, it drew up a joint map of all its jobs.

Re-formed in 2018 to reassess the training needs in the area of clean-up/dismantling, the group, which brings together the clients and players of the dismantling sector (EDF, Orano, CEA, ANDRA, COPSAR) managed by the INSTN, issued at the time a map of the training courses existing in the area. In 2020, the group this time mapped dismantling project jobs. By organising a host of interviews with the most experienced experts on dismantling in the nuclear field, together with HR officers, the group identified the jobs and skills corresponding to the major phases in a dismantling project.

But that’s not all. e-DEM went even further by leading a workshop on the basis of its work with a gathering of major dismantling players during the Nuclear Valley days. Patrick Devaux, in charge of the ‘Dismantling’ theme at the INSTN and one of the e-DEM pilots, is enthusiastic: “Our presentation sparked some lively discussions, helping us to further refine our findings and more precisely characterise some skills in greater detail”. 

The outcome: thirty or so jobs were described, including safety engineer (dismantling), scenario engineer, dismantling engineer, jobsite preparer, clean-up/dismantling operator, etc. The remainder of the work will be carried out jointly with the French nuclear industry professional association, GIFEN, and will involve analysing the shortage for each of these jobs, on the basis of the criteria set out by the GIFEN.

Beyond the benefits for the nuclear industry, this work is enabling INSTN to offer educational and training courses attuned to trainee needs, particularly within its Marcoule and Cherbourg units. A vital contribution, given the 60 facilities underway or shut down for dismantling – and that’s only counting France.

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