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Hackadem Sup’ 21: finalists in the home stretch!

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Hackadem Sup’ 21: finalists in the home stretch!

Launched in January 2021 by the CEA and INSTN, Hackadem Sup is the first open innovation challenge dedicated to nuclear decommissioning. Six projects have been selected for the competition’s final phase.

The online challenge is aimed at French-speaking graduate students. Its overall theme - imagine new technologies for decommissioning - has drawn over 390 students from 88 institutions since the start of the year, to address three key issues:

  • How can we apply new technologies to consolidate and use historical data for added value?
  • How can we apply new technologies to improve work conditions, productivity and safety?
  • How can we apply new technologies to integrate sustainable development into nuclear facility decommissioning?

The students worked in multi-institutional, transdisciplinary teams, to respond to the call for projects on these issues. A total of 169 responses were submitted to the Hackadem.fr platform.

Following a rigorous selection process, the CEA and INSTN selected five proposals. A sixth ‘remarkable’ project was also selected for the final by the staff.

  • Agozuz: a project on risk prevention
  • Glissade: a project on databases
  • Dement’innov: a project on the contribution of artificial intelligence to site decommissioning
  • Le Drone cartographe: a project on drones adapted for nuclear environments
  • Nucle’hair Museum: a project on re-using site areas for public information purposes
  • The remarkable project - Using micro-algae in nuclear: development of a bio-process for decontaminating circuits

The final phase is underway, and students have until the 3rd of May to refine their project. The candidates, who have been coached both in form and substance by CEA, INSTN and Brainswatt specialists, will give their pitch to a prestigious jury on the 28th of May.

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