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Nuclear fuel cycle

Nuclear fuel cycle

Nuclear reactor

Pressurized water reactors (PWR)

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In summary

NFC is an OUTSTANDING Course and UNIQUE experience to discover the step-by-step process of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle.

The scientific content relies on renowned experts who explain in details each step of the nuclear fuel cycle. It is completed by a series of amazing nuclear site visits that France can offer on its territory. Those visits give the opportunity for an exposure to the industrial applications and various aspects of operational safety.

The course takes advantage of the INSTN collaboration with CEA, Orano, Framatome and ANDRA.

Who should take this course ?

Technicians, scientists and engineers working in the nuclear field and interested in obtaining advanced knowledge in the nuclear fuel cycle

Learning outcomes

  • Identify and describe the various front-end processes of the Pressurized Water Reactors: mining, milling, conversion, enrichment and fuel fabrication
  • Explain how France manages the nuclear spent fuel: reprocessing and recycling
  • Explain how France manages the nuclear waste: storage and disposal of

Technical visits (subject to acceptance, but most of them are insured):

  • Conversion sites: Orano Malvési and Philippe Coste (Orano)
  • Enrichment sites: GB and GB II (Orano)
  • Fuel fabrication site: FBFC (Framatome)
  • La Hague: vitrification, pools, UP3 unit
  • MELOX site (Orano)
  • ANDRA: geological disposal and on surface disposal site
  • Nuclear Fuel Cycle: Overview
  • Geology of Uranium: Exploration, mining and Resources
  • Uranium Enrichment
  • Boiler/Fuel: the constraints
  • Fuel Assembly: General Design
  • Activity, History and Public Acceptance Issues
  • The Front-End of the Fuel Cycle: Markets and Economic
  • Interim Storage of Spent Fuel and HLW-Current State of the Art Technology
  • Options for Spent Fuel Management
  • The Recycling of Reprocessed Uranium/Recycling Operations and Technology
  • Transport of Nuclear Fuel Cycle Materials
  • Basic concepts of chemistry (solutions, solvents, etc…) and separative chemistry
  • Basic concepts of nuclear physics: fission reaction, Radioactivity, law of radioactive decay and radiological properties of U and Pu
  • Basic concepts of the design and functionning of the pressurized water reactor core
  • Basic concepts of radiological protection and nuclear criticality safety

Teaching method and tools

On-site visit



INSTN Saclay

Course organiser :

Marie-Pia SEYS

Program contact :

+33 1 69 08 79 89

training sessions

Group limited to 14 trainees

If you are disabled, please contact the disability correspondent at the following address: instn-handicap@cea.fr

No training session is scheduled for the moment, if this training interests you, please contact us.

From 2024 june 17
To 2024 june 28
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