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INSTN offers more than 40 diplomas from operator level to post-graduate degree level. 30% of our students are international students.
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Student services

Student induction

As the induction formalities and student integration are specific to each INSTN site and sometimes differ with the training course, you must get in contact with the teaching team of the course you are enrolled in (list of diplomas).

I. Health
II. Transportation
III. Catering
IV. Accomodation

I. Health

Happsy Line: Psychological support scheme for INSTN students

In this complex and unprecedented health context, the INSTN set up in January 2021 the Happsy Line initiative for its students.

Funded by the CVEC (Student Life and Campus Contribution) with support from the Versailles Crous, the objective of Happsy Line  is to help students cope with any worries or concerns they may be going through and which may be preventing them from moving forward in their personal lives and studies.

II. Transportation

Cadarache training site

  • CEA personnel coaches

Thirty regular coach lines (free of charge) provide collective transportation and serve most of the districts in the region. The CEA coaches arrive at and depart from the CEA bus station. 

In the morning, the personnel is dropped off before 8.00 am. In the evening, the 30 lines leave at 16.30 pm.

Shuttles connect the CEA bus station and the INSTN, via le Hameau (INSTN Cadarache student residence).

You will be informed of the line number, timetables and pick-up points by your training assistant at the start of the year, on an as-needed basis.

  • Public transport

The INSTN is served by several bus lines, with connections to the main transport routes. (See Cadarache access plan - link)

Cherbourg training site

Cherbourg access plan

Grenoble training site

Access plan (Grenoble campus access link)

Marcoule training site

Access plan (Marcoule campus access link)

Saclay training site

  • CEA personnel coaches

CEA Saclay offers its employees a dedicated bus service. 35 regular lines serve a number of places in Paris and most districts in the south of Ile de France. As an INSTN student, you are entitled to take these buses, subject to seat availability.

The CEA buses arrive at and depart from the CEA bus station (close to the east entrance), a 5-8 minute walk from the INSTN. The bus station is outside the CEA site.

You will be informed of the line numbers, timetables and pick-up points by your training assistant at the start of the year.

  • Inter-company buses

The buses depart at regular intervals from Porte d'Orléans and the bus stop is located close to the INSTN entrance (CEA East gate stop).

To be able to take CEA buses, you will need to show identity papers and your green badge, which will be handed out at the start of the year by your training assistant.

  • Public transportation

Saclay access plan
Cadarache access plan
Marcoule access plan
Cherbourg access plan
Grenoble access plan

III. Catering

During their studies at the INSTN, students can access the CEA personnel cafetarias (except Cherbourg, which is not on a CEA center) where they benefit from a special price (2021 tariff: about € 2.48; minimum cost of a meal, once per day).

You can access the CEA cafetarias by means of a canteen card or the CEA access badge, which will be handed to you after your arrival.

The restaurant card and/or access badge are named. At Cherbourg, you will be able to use the university cafetaria la Passerelle.

IV. Accomodation

Crous accommodation offering

University residences are open to all students, not just scholarship students, including those attending apprenticeship or work-study programs.

For the whole year or short stays, university accommodation has many advantages:

  • Closeness to the campuses
  • No agency fees
  • Moderately priced rents (including charges)
  • Fully equipped accommodation
  • Personnel to receive and inform you
  • Repair service by Crous staff
  • Staff available 24/7 in case of emergency
  • Entitlement to family allowance support

The only way to find out if you can obtain accommodation in a Crous residence is to submit an application via: messervices.etudiant.gouv.fr.

Consult the dedicated Crous page for the academy of your training course to find out the full residence offering and make your accommodation application. 

INSTN Cadarache Accommodation: click HERE
INSTN CherbourgAix-Marseille-Avignon Crous – Accommodation: click HERE
INSTN GrenobleGrenoble Alps Crous – Accommodation: click HERE
INSTN MarcouleMontpellier Crous – Accommodation: click HERE
INSTN SaclayVersailles Crous – Accommodation: click HERE

Specific accommodation offering per training site

  • Cadarache training site

The student residence of “Le Hameau” at Cadarache (close to the INSTN) has 121 furnished studios, water and electricity lump sum included. You must enter your application on the site http://www.habitat-pluriel.fr/.

For information, please contact Mme Frédérique BOSSENMEYER: f.bossenmeyer@unicil.fr

  • Cherbourg training site

We invite you to consult the accommodation offered on the web site of Université de Caen Normandie.

  • Grenoble training site

Many student residences are available close to the CEA’s Grenoble site.

  • Marcoule training site

We invite you to consult the accommodation offering of the Crous for the academy corresponding to the course on which you are enrolling.

  • Saclay training site

Associations may help you to find accommodation.

Science Accueil

The aim of this association is to improve the reception of researchers staying temporarily (no more than 36 months) in the Île-de-France region for professional reasons. It is especially aimed at researchers, managerial staff, technicians and trainees visiting research centers, higher education institutions and enterprises in the region.

Science Accueil has furnished accommodation offers (professional and private) in the region of the Saclay plateau, the Yvette and Bièvre valleys, along the RER B and C lines, Paris confines, Versailles and St-Quentin-en-Yvelines, in the Paris inner suburbs. The offers range from rooms in private homes to detached houses.

Note:  Science Accueil also provides information on all questions about administrative formalities (visas, taxes, social security, etc.). For information, contact Mme Loyola-Bernard at the following address: services-adm@science-accueil.org


The association helps young people - students, trainees, employees arriving in the region - to find a lodging. It receives, advises and provides personalized advice to satisfy requests in the shortest possible time. Throughout the year, the association offers a wide range of furnished and non-furnished lets, mainly at Orsay, Bures, and the surrounding districts and right along the RER B line. For more information:

Mme Boissonnet
01 69 15 65 44

Web site: http://www.heberjeunes.fr/

Université Paris Saclay’s accommodation offering

Depending on the training course you are enrolled in, you can consult the dedicated page: “Accommodation” on the Université Paris-Saclay site

Visale scheme – Rental deposit

The Visale scheme was set up to take over from the Clé du Crous-Lokaviz scheme; the process has been fully dematerialized to facilitate access and the set-up of the application file.

Access to this support is free of charge for the lessee and the lessor. Visale will provide the lessor with a guarantee of the lessee’s eligibility and will vouch for the latter. To find out the other possibilities of Action logement support, consult this guide  and check your eligibility for combinable assistance like Loca-Pass or Mobili-Jeune.

Further web sites providing information on accommodation

  • www.aidologement.fr, to learn about all the types of assistance
  • www.anil.org, National Agency for Information on Accommodation
  • www.letudiant.fr, item “Student life”, practical info on student lodgings
  • www.caf.fr, Family Allowance Fund, for the award of personalized accommodation support (APL) 
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