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INSTN offers more than 40 diplomas from operator level to post-graduate degree level. 30% of our students are international students.
Professionnal development
Professionnal development
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INSTN delivers off-the-self or tailor-made training courses to support the operational excellence of your talents.
Human capital solutions
At INSTN, we are committed to providing our partners with the best human capital solutions to develop and deliver safe & sustainable projects.
About us

Our faculty

To accomplish its educational and training task, INSTN deploys a range of scientific, technical and teaching skills.

While carrying on their professional activity (research development, expert assessment, etc.) within CEA laboratories or national and international partner institutions, 1400 experts also carry out training and education at INSTN in diploma-awarding or continuing professional development programs, in the following capacities:

  • Teacher-researchers, teachers or lecturers, appointed by joint order issued by INSTN’s line ministry;
  • Educational experts appointed by the INSTN director;
  • Instructors, academic advisers and lecturers appointed by the INSTN.

Thanks to the abundance and diversity of the skills and know-how it brings together – CEA research engineers and technicians, researchers and experts from industry and the safety authorities, medical professionals, etc., INSTN is able to offer educational resources integrating the latest technical and scientific developments, and to permanently adapt its training programs.

Photo : credit L. Godart/ CEA

Copyright charter

INSTN provides staff (teacher-researchers, trainers, etc.) working in its training courses with a copyright charter, drawn up with the CEA legal department.

The aim of this charter is to inform them and help them avoid infringing copyrights belonging to third parties, by showing them the main procedures to follow when preparing a course in compliance with copyright law. Any person working at INSTN undertakes to respect the principles of this charter.

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