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INSTN offers more than 40 diplomas from operator level to post-graduate degree level. 30% of our students are international students.
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Professionnal development
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INSTN delivers off-the-self or tailor-made training courses to support the operational excellence of your talents.
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At INSTN, we are committed to providing our partners with the best human capital solutions to develop and deliver safe & sustainable projects.
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International outreach

INSTN’s international activities meet three objectives:

  • Give partner countries the benefit of French skills and expertise to develop local skills in the fields of low-carbon energy and healthcare.
  • Help French stakeholders project themselves internationally.
  • Foster the development of relations with academia and the world of research.

Steering international activities

INSTN’s strategy is aligned with that of the CEA, which provides co-ordination with the relevant national authorities (ministries, national secretariats, technical committees and safety bodies). The alignments of our partners are also taken into account when determining our action plans. International activities are also coordinated with I2EN.

Activities carried out internationally

INSTN offers its training and service package (link to page 3.0.0 advice and support) to its international partners and customers. On this basis, the school supports local capability development or reinforcement policies as part of research projects and the introduction of nuclear applications in healthcare or nuclear and renewable low-carbon energy solutions.

Moreover, INSTN maintains close relations with universities, institutes and research centers in the main nuclear countries, and in several countries wishing to develop their low-carbon energy mix or their capability in the human health field.

Our activity zones

The main activity zones are in the Middle East, India, Africa and Europe:

  • Middle East: support for the development of a low-carbon energy mix based on renewable energies and nuclear, as part of the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia programs.
  • India: cooperation on the development of nuclear sciences and technologies and in support of the country’s nuclear power generation program.
  • Africa: development of nuclear applications for healthcare, radiation protection and the development of nuclear sciences and technologies.
  • Europe: INSTN has long been involved in academic cooperation programs in Europe. The school is also reinforcing its commitment, alongside the CEA, to participate in European Commission calls for projects in the fields of low-carbon energy and healthcare. INSTN has a long history in major European initiatives: NUSHARE, ENEN+, ELINDER, ENETRAP.

Our recognition internationally

INSTN has been the Collaborating Center of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) since 2016. Since 2021, the Collaborating Centre’s scope has covered the topics of nuclear energy, nuclear applications and nuclear safety. The action plans within this framework are implemented with support from the CEA operational departments, which provide valuable expertise for the accomplishment of the activities.


Vice President – International Relations :
Xavier Perrette
Tel. +33 1 69 08 80 21 - xavier.perrette@cea.fr

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